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- Script: *Read description underneath form title.*
- Please leave fields blank when callers decline to or don't have information available. Any ranges or additional notes or information can be added in the additional information field.

May I please have your full name?
what's the best phone number to reach you on in case we got disconnected and also for one of our mortgage bankers to call you back?
Are you calling today about a purchase, refinance, construction loan inquiry or something else?
Is this property going to be owner occupied, as in will more than 51% of the property be used for your own business? FYI, if the property is multifamily it won't be considered owner occupied.
What is the estimated loan amount? This is very important to make sure we get you in touch with the right department and team members. (If it is a range we can put that in the notes)
If available, what is the property address (or at least city and state)?
Put any additional information in the "additional info and notes" section. If the Caller ID number is different from the phone number they provided, please record it in the "Caller ID Phone Number" field.