Hotel Loans

 We arrange financing for flagged and non-flagged properties alike with loans for hotels starting from just $1,000,000 and up.

We arrange financing for flagged and non-flagged properties alike with loans for hotels starting from just $1,000,000 and up.

The hospitality industry is the backbone of much of our great nation's growth; it supports tourism— and where would the great melting pot be without tourism?

Permanent Financing For Hotels

Commercial Real Estate Loans, Inc. provides non-flagged motels and the nations leading ultra luxury brands access to capital at all levels of the stack.  Our permanent financing tools assist investors and borrowers alike in the acquisition, development, and refinancing of existing hospitality properties of all types.  We offer permanent financing starting at just $1,000,000 with leverage up to 75% and amortizations as long as 30 years.  Permanent financing options include CMBS, Life Company, Bank Loans, and Small Balance Loans, plus each financing strategy is structured to meet short and long-term investment requirements.

Hotel Repositioning

Commercial Real Estate Loans, Inc. has extensive experience in bridge financing for hotel properties. Whether you are looking to convert an existing hotel into an apartment building, sign a new franchise agreement, or expand a property's scope and services; Commercial Real Estate Loans, Inc., has experience with all levels of the capital stack for your value-add opportunity. Bridge financing can be structured to include capital expenditures during the process of a repositioning with non-recourse financing from just $5,000,000 and recourse financing from just $1,000,000 and up.

Hospitality Property Types

Commercial Real Estate Loans, Inc. understands the vast differences between property sub-types within the hospitality sector and our proprietary portfolio of financing tools will cater to any hotel property type. Hotel properties we finance include ultra-luxury brands; full-service hotels; limited service establishments like Holiday Inn Express; and budget properties or non flagged motels. To speak with a commercial mortgage banker please contact

Hotel property types 

  • Luxury

  • Boutique

  • Full Service

  • Limited Service

  • Budget Properties

  • Non-Flagged Motels


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