Commercial Real Estate Construction Loans

Commercial Mortgages For Construction Financing

Commercial Real Estate Loans, Inc. is poised to help qualified investors access capital at all levels of the stack to finance the development of a new commercial property.  We offer competitive floating rates at various leverage points and help manage commercial property developer risk adjusted returns. Construction loans are available anywhere from 24 month terms, to life company financed construction to permanent loans with earn-outs. We also offer layered financing and can place mezzanine financing or preferred equity on top of senior debt in order to reach leverage as high as 85% LTC. Our team is experienced in arranging competitive construction financing and in the recapitalization process afterwards when sourcing permanent debt. To speak with a commercial mortgage banker about your next commercial development project contact or apply for a commercial construction loan online today. 

Commercial Property Construction Loan Terms

  • Minimum Loan: $5MM.

  • Term: Flexible.

  • Leverage: Upt to 70% LTC.

  • Amortization: Interest only during construction.

  • Recourse: Non-Recourse options available for loans over $20MM.

Lenders Available for Permanent Financing

  • Life Companies

  • Regional & National Banks

  • Institutions

  • Pensions Funds

  • Private Debt Funds