Fix and Flip Loans and Fix and Flip Lines of Credit 

Buying a distressed property, fixing it, and reselling it for a higher price (otherwise known as "fixing and flipping") can be one of the most effective ways for commercial real estate investors to realize a quick profit. While fixing and flipping requires a lot of work, and can certainly be risky, many investors find it to be an incredibly rewarding process.

At Commercial Real Estate Loans, Inc. we support Fix and Flip investors with individual fix and flip loans up to $2.5 million. We also support Fix and Flip lines of credit up to $10 million, designed for experienced investors who are simultaneously renovating multiple properties. 

Fix and Flip Loan Terms

Our fix and flip loans offer terms including: 

  • Loan Size: $50,000 to $2.5 million

  • Leverage: 90% of purchase price, 95% of rehab, 75% LTV/ARV

  • Loan Purpose: Loan can be used for renovation/rehab of commercial properties

  • Loan Term: 12 months, with optional extensions

  • Interest Rate: Varies

  • Recourse: Recourse and non-recourse options (if non-recourse, standard carve-outs apply)

  • Credit Requirement: 620+

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