Golf Course Loans 


When it comes to relaxing on the weekend, there's simply nothing like going to your local golf course for a few rounds. But golf isn't just a hobby; it's also a big business. Last year, golf courses around the U.S. generated an estimated $24 billion in revenue and employed over 300,000 people. That makes them an essential part of the American economy. So, if you need property financing for your golf course, Commercial Real Estate Loans, Inc. is ready and waiting to help. We provide day care center financing for: 

  • Private golf courses

  • Semi-private golf courses

  • Public golf courses

  • Mini golf courses

  • Driving ranges

Golf Course Loan Terms

In general, our golf course loan terms include: 

  • Loan Size: $1 million+

  • Loan Purpose: Loan can be used for property acquisition or refinancing, but cannot be used for business only-financing

  • Loan Term: 3, 5, 7 and 10-year fixed-rate terms

  • Amortization: 15, 20, 25 and 30-year options

  • Leverage: 55%- 75% LTV allowance

  • DSCR: 1.50 minimum DSCR

  • Credit Score Requirement: 660 minimum

SBA Loans for Golf Courses

While privately-insured loans are often the most popular form of financing for golf course owners, some find that the SBA 7a or SBA 504 may actually be a better fit for their needs. Unlike privately-insured loans, SBA loans allow golf course operators to buy equipment and fund working capital. That makes these loans a lot more versatile for business owners who need more than just property to jumpstart their business growth. While SBA financing has a lot of benefits, it also has stricter requirements than many other loans, including increased credit score requirements. 

Bridge Loans for Golf Courses

For golf courses that may not qualify for permanent financing, a bridge loan may be the ideal solution-- especially for courses that are looking to undergo a speedy rehabilitation process. In some situations, this is done in order to add value to a golf course property before an intended sale, while in other cases, it's more of a stop-gap used in the transition to permanent financing. Our bridge loans typically offer terms including: 

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