Industrial Property Loans

Permanent Financing for Industrial Properties

Commercial Real Estate Loans, Inc. leverages its relationships with bot institutional investors and regional banks to offer an extensive portfolio of full capital stack financial solutions for the acquisition and recapitalization of industrial properties. Our permanent financing options are targeted to meet intermediate and long-term investment requirements Options include CMBS, Life Company, Investment Bank Loans, and Small Balance Loans. Loans start at just $1,000,000 with amortizations as long as 30 years and leverage up to 75%.

Repositioning an Industrial Property

Commercial Real Estate Loans, Inc. offers a wide array of bridge loan programs for value-add industrial opportunities. We understand buying industrial properties can be cheaper than building them. You’re the expert at putting together TI/LC reserves, and then managing superior occupancy than the last owner. Your job is operational, ours is the financing, and we get it. Our Bridge Loan programs offer temporary and aggressive financing tools to prepare the property for a seamless transition to permanent financing or the sale of the property.

Industrial Property Types

With a proven track record and steady growth, Commercial Real Estate Loans, Inc. offers the most complete portfolio of industrial property loans. Financing for Industrial Properties include manufacturing properties, warehouses, and even flex properties (office-industrial hybrids).  We offer borrowers loan options for any type of industrial property, no matter the market or property class, from just $1,000,000 and up. To speak with a commercial mortgage banker please contact

Industrial Property Types 

  • Manufacturing

  • Warehouse

  • Industrial Parks

  • Flex / Hybrid

  • Top MSAs

  • Tertiary Markets

  • Class A, B, And C

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