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Stacking Plans in Commercial Real Estate

Stacking Plans Help Buyers, Sellers, and Tenants Visualize Commercial Properties 

A stacking plan is a visual representation of a commercial structure that shows the tenants on each floor, the square footage of each floor, when each tenant’s lease will expire, and sometimes other information. They are most commonly used for office buildings, but can sometimes be used for apartment or retail properties.

Stacking plans can make it easier to sell or lease space in a commercial building, as they show potential buyers or tenants more about the building in an easy-to-digest way. In addition to simply showing square footage and lease expiration dates, stacking plans can also show a building’s entire rent roll, complete with leasing terms and other data, as well as occupancy/vacancy rates. A building owner can generally create a stacking plan via software or can hire a firm to create one for them. 

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